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Public Transport

How does Al Zahia aim to manage increased sustainability and the growing demand for travel?
All residents are encouraged to use public transportation when possible for travel to and from Al Zahia. When planning for the bus stop locations, we made sure that no resident would have to walk more than 200 metres to reach to a bus stop.
What other features have been incorporated to aid with community transport?
To help embed sustainable travel practices into the heart of the community, Al Zahia actively promotes and encourages increased travel by sustainable forms of transport such as walking, cycling and public transport for all journey purposes.

Sustainability features

What is Al Zahia doing to address the energy demands from residents?
Through consideration of all energy aspects, carbon emissions and economics, the most feasible option that has been implemented is the improvement of the building envelope which reduces energy consumption by 20%.
What about the increased need for water?
Al Zahia aims to reduce potable water consumption by 25% over the baseline performance. To ensure that this target is met, the following strategy will be implemented throughout the site:
  • Using water efficient sanitary ware fittings
  • Distributing a Home User Guide to tenants with information on optimising water use
  • Landscape design-plant selection
  • Using only treated sewage effluent for irrigation
  • Using water efficient irrigation systems


Who can buy property at Al Zahia?
Homes at Al Zahia are available for purchase on a freehold basis for all Arab and GCC nationals.
Al Zahia homes are also available on a 100 year renewable leasehold basis for all non Arab expatriates (residents and non residents)
Can I purchase property as an expatriate?
Yes, we offer leasehold options for all of our expatriate clients (residents and non-residents).
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